Seth Godin: How to Be Indispensible

What does it mean to be a linchpin? If you've ever pulled a trailer behind your truck carrying a boat or motorcycles, you know how important the hitch and linchpin are to safety and successful towing. The linchpin is the single piece between the hitch and trailer holding the entire thing in place. It's the most important and indispensable piece.

Best-selling author, and the godfather of modern marketing Seth Godin suggests -- no, exhorts -- that people everywhere become linchpins in their personal and professional lives. "This time, it's personal," said Godin. The reason it's personal is because there's still a lot of people who are hurting out there, because they are viewed in their relationships or at work as dispensable, either being underutilized or cast away.

Godin says: "In every organization there is the chef, the cook and bottle washer." Chefs call the shots, cooks carry out the orders and bottle washers are often disrespected, paid the least and there's high turn-over. Which one are you?

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