Seth Green On The 'Dangerous Train Of Thought' That Leads To Celebrity Phone Hacks

Seth Green On The 'Dangerous Train Of Thought' That Leads To Celebrity Phone Hacks

The recent leak of nude photos belonging to Jennifer Lawrence, Kirstin Dunst and others has some deeply distraught over celebrity privacy -- particularly as it relates to women -- and others blaming the victims. Actor Seth Green thinks that phone hacking signifies a bigger issue: that society expects a certain level of access to celebrities that verges on exploitation -- if not surpassing it.

In a HuffPost Live interview on Wednesday, "The Identical" actor lamented the perverse sense of "curiosity" that drives people to "commit a crime of that nature."

"We've gotten so used to the idea of exploiting celebrities. Reality stars have been so available to you that the community at large, the audience starts to think they have a different level of obligation, but it's still peeping," he said. "If you were peeking through somebody's window and you snapped a photo of them, that's the same as stealing nude photos from a cloud online."

Green notes that the overwhelming targeting of females is equally troubling, and that in a culture where some women are rewarded for choosing to "get attention through exploitative sexuality," it's possible that "the audience starts to believe that all women operate under the same auspices," he said. "That's a dangerous train of thought, and that's just not true."

And while superfluous media attention is to be expected as an actor, Green feels as though the audience often has a difficult time comprehending a celebrity's right to privacy.

"Just because you choose to perform on camera as a career does not mean you are accepting the role as porn star," he affirmed.

Watch the rest of Seth Green's interview with "The Identical" co-star Blake Rayne here.

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