Knife-Wielding Intruder Allegedly Tells Victim: 'You're Going To Smoke Some Weed With Me Right Now!'

Intruder Allegedly Tells Victim: 'You're Going To Smoke Some Weed With Me!'

A man in Cadillac, Michigan, had a shocking wake-up call early Wednesday when a knife-wielding intruder insisted they get high together, police say.

The unidentified man was sleeping on his couch around 2:30 a.m. when another man woke him up and allegedly said, "You're going to smoke some weed with me right now," according to Fox 17 news.

Cadillac Police Detective Lt. Todd Golnick told The Huffington Post that the intruder was holding a 7-inch blade.

knife wielding pot smoker

According to police, the victim managed the stall the forced pot-smoking until the attacker put the knife down. At that point, the victim grabbed the weapon and ran to the next home, where he banged on the door.

Golnick said the neighbor, unaware of what happened next door and fearing his own home was being invaded, called 911. Police were then dispatched to the scene.

"It's a little bit confusing, but the officers saw a man carrying a knife walking towards them and thought it was the invader," Golnick said. "But it was the victim, and he quickly explained what had happened in his own house."

Fox 17 reports that officers found the alleged intruder behind the victim's residence, where he had fallen down a steep hill. Golnick said Seth Lewis, 36, has been taken into custody as a suspect in the case.

Lewis was taken to the Wexford County Jail and booked on charges of home invasion, resisting and obstructing police, as well as violating probation. Along with the knife, police found a marijuana pipe, Golnick told HuffPost.

Golnick said it appears the two men were neighbors, but did not know one another. He told the Cadillac News that break-ins where an intruder is intoxicated or just looking for a place to sleep happen a few times a year, but that this one was extreme.

"This was different because he was armed and engaged the first person he saw with an extremely bizarre request," he told the paper. "This was extremely random, and we don’t know what was really going on with this guy. He hasn’t cooperated to let us know what his intent really was.”

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