Seth MacFarlane: Obama Can Walk Onstage 'With His Penis Out' And Beat Romney In Debate

Seth MacFarlane -- or at least Stewie Griffin -- is very confident that Barack Obama is going to win the first presidential debate on Wednesday evening.

In an interview with Sharon Waxman of TheWrap, MacFarlane, affecting the voice of Stewie from "Family Guy," said Obama has the first debate -- and the election -- in the bag.

"Oh, God. You're going to make me do improv, you wretched girl," MacFarlane joked to Waxman when she playfully put him on the spot. He then went into full Stewie mode: "I think, at this point, Obama could walk out onto the stage with his penis out [and] he's still going to win."

Whether that's also what MacFarlane feels -- or if he was just expressing the opinion of the fictional Stewie -- remains to be seen.

This has been a big week for MacFarlane. On Monday, it was announced that the "Ted" director and co-star will host the 85th annual Academy Awards on Feb. 24, 2013.

While his comments about the election may cause some controversy, they aren't really any different from the type of jokes MacFarlane has told on "Family Guy" for years. (He has also been known to make political statements on his Twitter account.) Not that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences won't be a little gun shy over the next few months: Last year, Oscars producer Brett Ratner stepped down from his position after being caught on tape using a homosexual slur.

For more on MacFarlane, including which Oscar hosts he plans on emulating at the 2013 ceremonies, head over to TheWrap.com. Watch MacFarlane-as-Stewie talking about Obama and Mitt Romney above.