Really?!? Seth Meyers And Amy Poehler Reunite To Slam Pro-Trump Protesters

The former "SNL" Weekend Update anchors brought back a classic. The interplay's the thing.

They’re really back. 

Seth Meyers was joined Wednesday by his old “Saturday Night Live” colleague Amy Poehler on “Late Night,” and the two wasted no time bringing back a classic. 

They did a new edition of “Really?!? With Seth And Amy,” a regular segment back when the duo anchored “Weekend Update.” 

It was the segment that launched a thousand GIFs, and Wednesday night they added one more: 

The two went after the conservative protesters who keep interrupting the production of “Julius Caesar” in Central Park, in which the Caesar character is played by someone who resembles President Donald Trump

So what did the protesters accomplish? You REALLY have to see this one to find out.

Check it out above.  



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