Seth Meyers Goes To Town On Bill Barr’s Book Deal

The "Late Night" host also had some scathing advice for former GOP House Speaker John Boehner and his memoir.

Seth Meyers is sick of memoirs from former public officials.

On Tuesday, the “Late Night” host first mocked ex-GOP House Speaker John Boehner for hawking his tell-all, “On The House.”

“If you want me to listen to your regrets, pick up an acoustic guitar,” the comedian cracked.

Meyers then turned to William Barr, dinging Donald Trump’s former attorney general for his reported deal for a memoir with gags about redaction and plans for its launch.

“If you want us to remember you well, do good things when you have power, instead of writing one of the doorstops to launder your reputation,” Meyers advised Barr, who was criticized for turning the Justice Department into a law firm serving Trump.

Watch the video here:

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