Seth Meyers Loses It Over Thanksgiving's Proximity To Christmas

Does he have a point?

Seth Meyers clearly isn’t in the holiday spirit yet.

The “Late Night” host hilariously lost his cool while talking about the proximity of Thanksgiving to Christmas in a spoof segment broadcast on Thursday night.

You know I usually don’t air my personal opinions on the show, but this one has actually gotten me in trouble in the past,” the comedian said, before launching into his tirade.

Unfortunately, a voiceover artist claimed that NBC “network policy” prevented it from broadcasting his comments.

“But due to a technical issue, we were unable to edit this portion of the show,” the voiceover added ― before summarizing Meyers’ diatribe, which included his suggestion that having two turkey-eating holidays within a month of each other was “totally wack” and it was all part of a fitness and holiday industry conspiracy to sell more gym memberships come January.

See Meyers’ full tirade in the clip above.

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