Republicans Stumped Over How To Attack A Likable, Effective President, Says Seth Meyers

Things are looking up. GOP wonders: Now what do we do?

After things hurt so bad in 2020, it’s great to be doing better, Seth Meyers noted on Monday.

Especially when it comes to COVID-19. At least half of all adults have received at least one vaccine dose, and 25% are fully vaccinated.

Though the Trump administration promised 100 million vaccine doses last October and enough for every American by January, that was “obviously ... bullshit,” the comedian noted on “Late Night With Seth Meyers.” The “Trump administration had no interest in actually overseeing an effective vaccine rollout — so they just passed it off to the states” in what initially was a “disaster,” he added.

So what’s the problem now?

Republicans are completely stumped about how to attack a “president who’s likable, doing popular stuff,” said Meyers.

They’ve been reduced to claiming that President Joe Biden is a “no show,” and that someone presumably horrible like Vice President Kamala Harris is the one who’s really in control.

But Meyers pointed out that it was Donald Trump who was gone so much of the time golfing that Americans could have “rented out” the Oval Office on Airbnb.

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