Seth Meyers Impersonates Dana Carvey's Church Lady To Mock 'Demon Sperm' Doctor

The "Late Night" host hilariously channeled his fellow "Saturday Night Live" alum to zing a doctor who appeared in a viral coronavirus misinformation video.

Seth Meyers on Wednesday impersonated Dana Carvey’s Church Lady to mock the “Demon Sperm” doctor ― and the result was pretty damned funny. (Watch the clip above, starting at 11:00.)

In a takedown of a viral video spreading misinformation about the coronavirus ― shared by President Donald Trump and Donald Trump Jr. ― Meyers took aim at a doctor featured in the clip. Dr. Stella Immanuel hyped hydroxychloroquine as a coronavirus cure and declared that face masks were not necessary. Reports later revealed she also believes some medical conditions are the result of having dream sex with demons.

So, Meyers dusted off the self-righteous Church Lady character of fellow “Saturday Night Live” alum Carvey, who was a cast member from 1986 to 1993.

“Demon sperm sounds like a catchphrase on ‘Church Chat After Dark’” Meyers explained, before launching into a spot-on impression.

“Look at you with your throbbing loins and pulsating buttocks. Is it possible you’ve been infected with ― hmmm, what could it be ― demon sperm?!!!”

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