Seth Meyers Describes Donald Trump's Penis In The Funniest Way

Try to get this image out of your head.

Seth Meyers gleefully entertained the “very real possibility that Donald Trump sent Stormy Daniels a dick pic” on “Late Night” Wednesday.

In a segment that poked fun at turmoil in Trump’s White House, Meyers noted that porn actress Daniels, aka Stephanie Clifford, sued the president because she claimed he didn’t sign a hush agreement to prevent her from blabbing about their alleged affair.

A detail in the suit piqued the late-night host’s interest ― that she came into contact with “confidential information” that included “certain still images and/or text messages” related to Trump.

Meyers put two and two together and guessed that Trump sent an image of his privates.

“It would look like a Flamin’ Hot Cheeto sitting on a Brillo pad,” he said.

And we’re done.

(The Daniels portion begins at the 5-minute mark above.)