Seth Meyers Breaks Down Why Donald Trump Is Age 7 And 100 'At Same Time'

The "Late Night" host drilled the president on his "no redos" outcry against Robert Mueller testifying.

Seth Meyers wants President Donald Trump to at least act his age ― whatever that may be.

The president tweeted “no redos for the Dems” as Democrats attempted to set a date for special counsel Robert Mueller to testify before Congress. Mueller’s 448-page report about Trump’s ties with Russia’s election interference, while not finding a criminal conspiracy, cited numerous instances of possible obstruction. 

Meyers wasn’t about to let Trump’s “no redos” go un-joked upon, asking, “How is it that Trump always manages to be 100 years old and 7 years old at the same time?”

Discover what Meyers means in the segment above.