Seth Meyers Mocks Donald Trump Over His TV Watching Habits

"I’m dealing with the same issue with my son, he’s 9-months-old."

Seth Meyers poked fun at President Donald Trump’s alleged habit of watching too much TV.

Meyers referenced reports that people close to Trump were concerned about him being distracted by the negative coverage of his administration and his tendency to watch television when he’s bored. The “Late Night” host said on Wednesday that he sympathized because he was having the same issue with his son.

“He’s 9 months old,” said Meyers. “We’re trying to observe a no-screens rule but sometimes he gets cranky and the only thing that works is ‘Dora the Explorer,’ so, been there.”

Meyers then mocked Trump for seemingly taking his cues from cable news, highlighting the fact that he posted the following tweet on Tuesday, just one hour after Fox News’ pundit Bill O’Reilly made the same suggestion on air.

“If you’re gonna copy your work, at least change it enough to hide your tracks,” Meyers said.

Check out the full segment above.