Seth Meyers Chews Out 'Desperate' Donald Trump Over Cow Lies: 'Fake Moos'

The "Late Night" host explained why Trump's take on the Green New Deal is wrong.

Seth Meyers mockingly summed up “desperate” President Donald Trump’s skewed take on parts of the Democrats’ proposed Green New Deal with just two words.

The “Late Night” host on Wednesday said Trump’s incorrect claim that cows would be banned as a consequence of the sweeping plan to combat climate change was “fake moos.”

Meyers also poked fun at conservatives worried that a future president could declare a national emergency, as Trump has done to fund the U.S.-Mexico border wall, to tackle global warming.

“Climate change is an actual emergency and you can’t build a wall around it unless you build one around the entire planet,” Meyers explained, before mimicking Trump to say: “We’re going to build a space wall and Mars is going to pay for it.”

Check out the clip above.

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