Seth Meyers Tears Into Donald Trump’s 'Crazy' Tweets During James Comey Hearing

"Witnesses in a hearing are fact-checking the president’s tweets about that hearing during a hearing."

Seth Meyers dissected President Donald Trump’s tweets during FBI director James Comey’s congressional hearing on Monday.

The “Late Night” host described Comey’s revelation that his agency was investigating possible ties between Trump associates and Russian government officials as “a huge, huge deal.” But “even crazier,” Meyers noted, was that as the hearing was ongoing, Trump tweeted this from the president’s official account:

When Comey was quizzed over Trump’s false claim, Meyers riffed on the surreal nature of witnesses in a hearing “fact-checking the president’s tweets about that hearing during a hearing.”

“All of this, of course, raises the question once again of where the president gets his information,” said Meyers, suggesting that “we are now at the point where the crazy things the president says are making their way into the halls of Congress, and wasting the time of allies, intelligence officials and the FBI director.”

Check out the full segment above.



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