Seth Meyers Challenges Trump To Risky Game To Prove Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory

The "Late Night" host went on a feverish takedown of the president's COVID-19 incompetence.

As President Donald Trump continued to defy health officials and call for America to get back to work, Seth Meyers hit back hard in a “Late Night” segment from home Thursday. (See the video above.)

The talk show host had enough of Trump’s repeated claim that the mainstream media is rooting for the country to remain shut down because it will hurt his reelection chances. Many outlets have echoed health experts’ warning that easing social distancing too soon could prove catastrophic.

So Meyers proposed a little game for the president to play.

“If you think it’s all a conspiracy, why don’t you go outside and ask a bunch of people to cough on you?” the comedian suggested. “Just go out, onto the streets of D.C., with a mic, and give people a dollar to cough on you. You can call it ‘Bully on the Street.’”

Meyers had some funny moments but was dead serious at times in putting the president in his place. He called out Trump for rejecting New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s plea for thousands of ventilators in an area that has become the nationwide epicenter for COVID-19. Cuomo has been critical of Trump. “It’s a two-way street,” Trump said of his relationship with state governors, in a clip shown by Meyers. “They have to treat us well, also.”

“No, they don’t. It’s your job,” Meyers snapped. “They don’t owe you anything for doing your job. States don’t pay tribute to the president.”

Meyers slammed Trump for his desperation to prematurely get business rolling again “to appease the stock market.”

“When the green arrow goes up, all the business schools around tell him how great he is,” the host said. “That’s what he lives for. Someone should just show him the chart of coronavirus cases in the U.S. and tell him it’s the Dow Jones.”

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