There Are No Words For Seth Meyers' Savage Preview Of Donald Trump In Debate

The "Late Night" host let the president have it before Thursday's final debate against Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

Seth Meyers on Tuesday left President Donald Trump speechless. (See the segment below.)

The “Late Night” host mentioned that Thursday’s final debate between Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden will mute the microphone of one candidate while the floor belongs to the other to avoid the interruptions that plagued the first showdown.

Trump called the setup very unfair, the comedian noted.

“Well actually he said ... ” Meyers explained as he launched into his Trump impression.

Only something was missing ― the sound. There’s that mute button!

Trump’s constant barking in the first debate may also be remedied through other means.

The host said Trump has agreed to take a coronavirus test before the debate, “and, out of an abundance of cautions, a rabies test.”

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