Seth Meyers Introduces Donald Trump's New Musical: 'Scamilton'

The 'Late Night' host said the president-elect's beef with "Hamilton" is simply a diversion tactic.

Seth Meyers broke down exactly why people should ignore Donald Trump’s feud with the cast of “Hamilton.”

On Monday’s broadcast of “Late Night,” Meyers said the president-elect was using his ongoing beef with the Broadway musical to distract everyone from more disturbing issues, such as his $25 million settlement in the Trump University fraud lawsuit, “the apparent lack of separation between his business empire and his presidential transition” and the role his family will play in his administration. 

“As fun as it is to talk about this ‘Hamilton’ feud, it’s just a distraction from a far bigger story,” Meyers said. “A story that will one day be told in the hit Donald Trump musical, ‘Scamilton.’”

“Twitter feuds may be fun,” Meyers later added. “But we need to pay attention to what Team Trump is really up to because they want us to be distracted.”

Check it out in the clip above.