Seth Meyers Gives Donald Trump's Former Doctor A Taste Of His Own Medicine

GOP Rep. Ronny Jackson's disingenuous criticism of Joe Biden's hot mic moment got the treatment from the "Late Night" comedian.

“Late Night” host Seth Meyers on Wednesday mocked faux conservative indignation over President Joe Biden’s hot mic moment with Fox NewsPeter Doocy.

Meyers drew attention to former Donald Trump White House physician Ronny Jackson’s disingenuous claim on Fox News that Biden’s “stupid son of a bitch” snipe at Doocy showed he was short-tempered, irritable and lashing out — all signals of cognitive decline, he said.

Jackson is now a Republican House lawmaker representing Texas.

“I just wish there was an example of someone prominent with those symptoms who we could compare him to,” said Meyers, as footage of Trump showing those exact personality traits ran in the background.

Watch Meyers’ full monologue here:

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