Seth Meyers Calculates The Damage Done By The EPA In Just 6 Months

"Scott Pruitt being the head of the EPA is the same as New York’s food inspector being a rat with a clipboard."

With the GOP’s stalled health care bill and the Donald Trump Jr.-Russia affair, people may think President Donald Trump’s administration “isn’t accomplishing anything,” Seth Meyers says.

But it is making progress on one alarming matter: The setback of green issues.

“The Environmental Protection Agency, that has actually been quietly implementing big changes, unfortunately to the benefit of the select few,” he noted on Tuesday’s “Late Night” show.

Meyers described the installation of Oklahoma’s former attorney general Scott Pruitt as the head of the EPA, given his history of suing the agency, as being akin to “New York’s food inspector being a rat with a clipboard.”

The comedian then documented the various worrying changes that the agency has made since Trump took office, principally regarding air and water quality, pesticides and methane leaks.

Check out the full segment above.

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He has threatened to undermine protections for air and water.

Why Scott Pruitt Is A 'Dangerous' Choice To Lead The EPA

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