Seth Meyers Mocks 'Frenetic Toddler' Donald Trump's Firetruck Play

"Look how happy he is!"

On Monday’s “Late Night,” host Meyers poked fun at footage of Trump hopping into a firetruck as part his administration’s “Made in America” week.

“Look how happy he is!” Meyers said. “Trump treats driving a truck the same way he treats being president. He just wants to make-believe.”

Meyers later imagined Trump actually becoming a firefighter. “He’d show up to a burning building, shout ‘fake news’ and head to the nearest driving range,” the comic quipped.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer, who was pictured taking a photograph of Trump inside the truck, also came in for a ribbing.

“At this point Sean Spicer is just an exhausted dad trying to keep up with his frenetic toddler,” said Meyers.

“OK buddy, now just sit still for a sec, let’s get this for mom and then I promise you can have a cookie afterwards,” he added, imitating Spicer’s voice.

Check out the full segment above.



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