Seth Meyers Spots Donald Trump’s Strange Effect On Fox News Hosts

It must be “so weird” for viewers when it happens, said the “Late Night” comedian.

Seth Meyers spotlighted the surreal effect that Donald Trump has on Fox News hosts.

Trump this week “did another of his classic phone rants on Fox News” after all but sewing up the GOP presidential nomination, Meyers noted on Wednesday’s broadcast of “Late Night.”

It’s where Trump “hypnotizes the hosts into terrified silence like tourists watching a drunk Santa taking a dump on the sidewalk,” he joked over footage of “Fox & Friends” anchors looking like rabbits in the headlights as Trump droned on and on and on (and on) over the telephone.

It “must be so weird if you happen to have Fox News muted when that happens,” said Meyers.

The comedian then imagined the viewer’s response, “Are these hosts watching me? Am I the TV?!?”

Watch Meyers’ full monologue here:

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