Seth Meyers Taunts Donald Trump For Keeping Antsy Fox Host On The Phone

The "Late Night" host watched Maria Bartiromo squirm as she tried to disengage from chatty Trump.

Seth Meyers couldn’t get enough of watching Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo trying to get off the phone with President Donald Trump on Monday.

The president called her “incredible” as he carried on about an “attempted coup” in the Russia probe. Bartiromo politely tried to disengage, but Trump kept talking.

“That was like watching your grandpa try to get off the phone with his grandpa,” Meyers cracked on “Late Night” after showing a clip of Bartiromo on the phone with Trump.

Meyers had more to say about Bartiromo’s reaction, Trump’s defense of Robert E. Lee and the president’s declaration that he is a “vibrant young man.”

Watch above.

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