Seth Meyers Fact-Checks Trump On God's Role In California Voting

The "Late Night" host gave the former president hell for his divine claim.

Seth Meyers said Monday that God would be mighty hesitant to help Donald Trump win California in a general election. (Watch the video below.)

The former president baselessly insinuated last month at CPAC that California balloting is corrupt, but that God could fix that ― and guide him to victory.

“If God came down and God was the vote checker, I believe we would win,” said Trump, who lost to Joe Biden by more than 5 million votes in the state in 2020. Not to mention that predominantly Democratic California has not voted for a Republican candidate in a presidential election since 1988.

But that was beside the point for Meyers.

“I doubt God wants anything to do [with you],” the “Late Night” host told Trump. “If God came down and counted votes, I’m sure you’d accuse him of cheating too.”

Meyers then went into his Trump impression. “I find the robe very suspicious, the long flowing robes which he wears even in the summer,” the comedian said in Trump’s voice. “Even in the summer, a robe? You see the videos of him walking into the voting center. The robe is normal. And then he walks out. The robe is bulky. Because he’s hiding ballots under the robe and no one will check the robe because we’re all too woke now.”

Fast forward to 2:25 for Meyers’ takedown of Trump’s heavenly hope.

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