Seth Meyers Dubs Donald Trump The 'Tiger Woods Of Hypocrisy' Over His Golfing

"Are you the president or a San Diego dentist?"

Seth Meyers said President Donald Trump has the art of hypocrisy down to a tee.

On Thursday’s broadcast of “Late Night,” Meyers explored the amount of time that Trump has spent playing golf during his first four weeks in office whilst Republican lawmakers have been dealing with protests about his policies at town halls across the country.

After establishing that the president has played six times in one month, Meyers asked, “Are you the president or a San Diego dentist?”

Acknowledging that Trump repeatedly berated former President Barack Obama for playing “too much golf,” Meyers then quipped that “when it comes to being a hypocrite, Donald Trump has a zero handicap.” 

“He’s the Tiger Woods of hypocrisy!” Meyers added.

Check out the full segment above.



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