Seth Meyers: Trump Just Delivered One Of The Most Surreal Performances In Modern History

"However low your expectations were, Trump managed to go lower."

Seth Meyers wasted no time in letting people know what he thought about President Donald Trump’s press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Finland on Monday. He said Trump “delivered one of the most surreal performances by a president in modern American history.”

The host of “Late Night” said it was difficult to capture how surreal the briefing was.

“However low your expectations were,” Meyers said, “Trump managed to go much lower.”

As an example, Meyers pointed to what he called “an insane conspiracy theory” about a missing computer server. Then he played clips of Trump repeatedly raising the issue.

“Oh my God,” Meyers said. “He sounds like your uncle trying to get the waiter’s attention at a restaurant. ‘Where is the server? I want more bread. And I don’t have any ketchup for my crumpets.’”

Check out the video below to find out why Meyers thought Trump sounded “like a college freshman on his first trip abroad.”



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