Seth Meyers Spots The ‘Even Dumber’ Line From Donald Trump’s Killer Fruit Deposition

The "Late Night" comedian had an incredulous response to the former president's testimony.

Seth Meyers has found the “even dumber” part of Donald Trump’s lawsuit deposition in which he expressed fears of being struck by killer fruit hurled by protesters.

On Thursday’s “Late Night,” the comedian highlighted the former president’s testimony in a civil lawsuit filed by activists who allege they were attacked by his security guards. Trump explained that he “wanted to have people be ready because we were put on alert that they were going to do fruit.”

“What do you mean ‘do fruit’?” asked Meyers. “What do you mean you were put on alert? There’s an alert system for fruit?”

“It’s like the Homeland Security threat level,” he added. “Red is tomato, yellow is for banana and green is for avocado and you know what they say, if you get hit with an avocado, you’re toast!”

Watch Meyers’ full monologue here:

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