Seth Meyers Gives Donald Trump Advice About His 'Least Racist' Person Defense

“Why do you do that to yourself, man?"

Seth Meyers called out President Donald Trump over his oft-repeated claim that he’s the “least racist” person.

“Why do you do that to yourself, man?” Meyers asked on Monday’s “Late Night.” “If you’d just said, ‘I’m not a racist,’ then maybe you could muddy the waters and people would have to debate it. But when you say ‘the least racist person,’ you just set off alarm bells.”

“It’s the difference between saying, ‘I’m a tall person’ and ‘I’m the tallest person on Earth,’” Meyers added. “With one, you go, ‘Yeah, pretty tall, I guess,’ and with the other, you go, ‘Oh, he’s crazy.’”

Check out the full monologue above.