Seth Meyers Hammers Media For Falling For Donald Trump's 'BS' All Over Again

“What’s wrong with you guys? How can you keep falling for this?" asked the "Late Night" host.

Seth Meyers is panning President Donald Trump’s shift in tone on the coronavirus pandemic — and the way some news organizations lapped it up.

On Wednesday’s episode of “Late Night,” the comedian tore into media outlets that fell for Trump’s new act of “pretending to take the crisis seriously” during his coronavirus briefing on Tuesday ― after months of downplaying and mishandling the pandemic ― as some kind of defining moment.

“Good Lord,” said Meyers. “I really think you could duct tape a spatula to a Golden Retriever’s paw, and half of the media would say, ‘Oh my God! That dog’s a chef!’”

Continued the comedian: “What’s wrong with you guys? How can you keep falling for this? It’s been five years of this BS, and every time President Werewolf over here manages to novocaine his way through a prepared statement without passing out at the podium, you act like he’s a totally different person all of the sudden.”

“Look, you know Trump is going to steal his phone back and tweet some racist nonsense, right?” Meyers asked. He noted that the president had even “morphed back into the real Trump mid-press conference” with the claim that the virus will disappear.”

Check out the video above and Meyers’ monologue below:

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