Seth Meyers Goes Balls-In On Donald Trump With Scathing 1-Liner About Testicle Tanning

The "Late Night" host also explained why "nothing is crazier than a conservative’s second idea."

Seth Meyers swiped at Donald Trump as he mercilessly mocked Tucker Carlson’s new TV special about testosterone, including that segment about attempting to boost the hormone via testicle tanning.

“Clearly Donald Trump has already tried it,” the “Late Night” comedian cracked as a photograph of the former president sporting an unusual tan line briefly appeared on the screen.

Meyers then noted that even pro-Trump musician Kid Rock had pushed back on the tanning part of Carlson’s program. The rocker told the Fox News personality that he didn’t know “what the hell’s going on in this world.”

“When you’ve lost Kid Rock,” zinged Meyers.

“Nothing is crazier than a conservative’s second idea,” he added. “’I don’t trust vaccines, but I’ll eat some horse paste.’ Are there ever solutions somewhere between Plan A and the craziest shit you’ve ever heard?”

Watch Meyers’ full monologue here:

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