‘Dude!’: Seth Meyers Stunned By Trump’s Latest Trial Stunt

The “Late Night” comedian ridiculed the former president’s attempt to shut down his civil fraud trial.

Seth Meyers on Tuesday mocked former President Donald Trump’s claim during his civil fraud trial testimony that a document he produced from his suit jacket would clear his name.

Judge Arthur Engoron refused Trump’s request to read the document because “as usual, it was classified,” cracked the “Late Night” comedian.

Meyers continued: “Dude! You couldn’t have cleared your name if you’d pulled out a neuralyzer from ‘Men in Black.’”

“What piece of paper could possibly clear your name? Was it a birth certificate with a different name?” he added before mimicking Trump: “Your honor, this clears my name because, as you can see, my name is Reginald Periwinkle. You’ve got the wrong guy.”

Watch the video here:

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