Seth Meyers Nails How Donald Trump 'Wears Us Down' With A Zombie Metaphor

“It’s like being in a zombie movie," the "Late Night" host said about the Trump-inspired news cycle.

Seth Meyers on Monday used a zombie metaphor to explain how the flood of news stories that gush from President Donald Trump’s administration is “how he wears us down.”

“It’s like being in a zombie movie,” said the host of NBC’s “Late Night.

“Anybody can outrun one zombie,” Meyers noted. “But when your city is crawling with zombies it’s like, fuck it, just eat me. I don’t wanna not be a zombie. I’ll be a zombie too. We’ll all be zombies.”

Meyers also picked apart Trump’s claim that he’d maybe watch only “a little bit” of former special counsel Robert Mueller’s testimony before Congress on Wednesday.

“Nobody believes you when you say you’re not going to be watching the Mueller hearings,” said Meyers. “If the Mueller hearings weren’t on, you’d be live-tweeting ‘Days of our Lives.’”

Check out the clip above.

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