Seth Meyers Drills Donald Trump And Cabinet On Climate Change

Forget escaping to Canada -- we need to leave the planet.

Climate change was already a serious threat. But now that President-elect Donald Trump has revealed his choices for environment-related posts, the Earth’s woes are just warming up, Seth Meyers said on “Late Night” Wednesday.

Meyers saved one of his best zingers for former Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who is Trump’s pick for energy secretary. The host called out Perry on his scientific credentials to determine that climate change was a “contrived phony mess.”

Citing a Daily Beast story, Meyers noted that while in college Perry apparently got two C grades, a D and an F in chemistry, a C in physics, and a D in “Meat.”

“How do you get a D in Meat?” Meyers asked. “Are you a Chipotle?”

Check out the full clip above.