Seth Meyers: For Trump, Everything Still Comes Back To Hillary Clinton

Does the chant "Lock Her Up" ring a bell?

“Late NIght” host Seth Meyers says the midterm elections were much worse for Republicans than they are letting on. And for proof, he just has to look at the White House.

Meyers noted that the White House had already experienced “an unprecedented level of turnover” and that even more officials may be headed for the exit, including Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke.

“Damn! Is there anyone left?” Meyers said. “Trump is slowly turning the White House into the Overlook Hotel. Pretty soon it’ll just be Trump in a ratty bathrobe writing all over the walls.”

Meanwhile, Republicans are trying to connect the Florida recount and potential problems with it to former secretary of state Hillary Clinton.

“Oh my God,” Meyers said. “They talk about Hillary Clinton like the Crypt Keeper teeing up the next horror movie.”

Check out the video above to hear what Meyers thinks about special counsel Robert Mueller’s “quiet period.”