Seth Meyers Does Something He Saved For Years To Honor George Bush's 'Iraq' Gaffe

The "Late Night" host said the former president's slip-up was "designed in a lab."

“Late Night” host Seth Meyers took two different kinds of shots at former President George W. Bush on Thursday.

Bush made a presidential-level mistake earlier this week when he slipped up and referenced a “wholly unjustified and brutal” invasion of Iraq.

He later corrected himself, referencing the invasion of Ukraine, but the internet swiftly found a “Freudian slip” in his error.

Meyers, who played the clip on his show, said Bush’s hiccup was proof of reality being a “simulation.”

The host flashed a nervous look so he eased his stress with the help of some alcohol.

“You know, when I started this show I poured exactly one shot of whiskey and left it in the drawer of my desk in case of emergency,” Meyers said.

“And throughout the entirety of the Trump presidency, I resisted using it, but you know what? F―k it.”

You can watch a clip of Meyers’ much-needed shot below.

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