Meyers Issues Blunt Reminder To Democrats Praising Bush's Coronavirus Message

"George W. Bush is not your friend," said "Late Night" host Seth Meyers.

Seth Meyers on Tuesday called out Democrats and members of the media who fawned over former President George W. Bush’s recent call for national unity during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Let us remember how small our differences are in the face of this shared threat,” Bush said in a video message released over the weekend, which received praise because of its stark contrast to the vitriolic tone regularly struck by President Donald Trump.

Watch Bush’s video message here:

Meyers acknowledged it was “a lovely video from what appears to be a very nice man.”

“But George W. Bush is not your friend,” he warned. “He’s still the guy who used fabricated evidence to drag us into an intractable war.”

“Yes, things are bad now,” Meyers added. “But let’s not forget: Bush gave us the Iraq War, torture, the financial collapse, the Katrina disaster and, of course, Ponchogate.”

He also accused Bush of having “paved the way” for Trump to become president.

“If we can’t remember when presidents do bad things, then more presidents are going to come along and do more bad things,” he said.

Check out the clip below:

And watch Meyers’ monologue here:

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