Seth Meyers Has An Interesting Theory About Donald Trump And 'Stranger Things'

We must be living in an alternate dimension, right?

Seth Meyers put forth an interesting theory on Thursday in response to a bizarre press conference President-elect Donald Trump held this week: We’ve slipped into the upside down world from Netflix’s “Stranger Things.” 

The host of NBC’s “Late Night with Seth Meyers” slammed Trump’s mounting war on the press and conflicts of interestoffering the creepy alternate dimension from the popular Netflix series as the only possible explanation.

“Up is down, black is white. We should all just admit we’re living in the Upside Down with Barb,” Meyers said, a nod to the one of the show’s most beloved (and doomed) characters. “Stay strong, Barb. We’re coming to get you ― or not.”

The president-elect’s first press conference since July provided Meyers with a mountain of material.

Trump refused to take questions from a CNN reporter, claiming the media outlet promotes “fake news.” Earlier this week, a CNN report alleged intelligence officials had told Trump that Russia had incriminating personal and financial information about the president-elect.

“Trump, of course, held his first press conference as president-elect … and it was clear Trump was interested in one thing above all else: picking a fight with the media,” Meyers said. “This is the kind of thing you usually see in authoritarian regimes.”

The NBC host also seized the opportunity to call out the president-elect for his many conflicts of interest, including his unwillingness to divest from his companies and to give two of his sons control over his multibillion-dollar business.

“The reason this is so troubling is because having a president with such a massive and opaque business empire is an open invitation to unconstitutional bribes or other types of financial coercion,” Meyers said.