Seth Meyers Has 1 Thing To Say To Journalists Battling Hurricane Irma

“I mean, who wants to see Anderson Cooper soaking wet?"

Like many viewers watching the news coverage of Hurricane Irma over the weekend, “Late Night” host Seth Meyers wondered why the journalists were putting themselves in such dangerous conditions. 

After replaying clip after clip of reporters braving the storm while warning locals to get off the road, evacuate and seek refuge indoors, Meyers had just one thing to say in response. 

“You should not be out there!” Meyers said. “I mean, who wants to see Anderson Cooper soaking wet? Oh, a lot of people.”

His sentiments were shared by many news watchers who criticized CNN and NBC News for putting their employees in harm’s way as Hurricane Irma brought winds of 140 mph and storm surges of up to 15 feet to Florida. A street sign nearly fell on one CNN reporter over the weekend.

Take a look at Meyers’ response to all the coverage in the video above.



Hurricane Irma Hits Florida