Seth Meyers Names The Kellyanne Conway Quote That Nobody Should Ever Forget

The "Late Night" host said it should follow the former Trump adviser "for the rest of her career."

Seth Meyers has highlighted a Kellyanne Conway comment that should go down in the history books.

The “Late Night” host said Wednesday that the former White House senior counselor, who resurfaced on Fox News to tell more lies this week, was one of the “Trump administration’s most prolific and also worst liar.”

“To this day, I still think the quote that should follow her for the rest of her career is this moment from March of 2020 where she insisted in the most condescending way possible that the coronavirus outbreak was under control,” he said.

On March 6, 2020, Conway told reporters at the White House that the COVID-19 outbreak was contained and grew combative when questioned about it.

“She also sounds like she’s trying to argue that her coupon is still valid at Talbots,” Meyers quipped. “But credit where credit is due, it was contained. The coronavirus went away and everything went back to normal. I kept doing the show in a suit and tie in front of a live studio audience without interruption, and I stopped having that weird, recurring nightmare that I was trapped in a room with a sea captain painting who loved corny jokes and sounded suspiciously like Will Forte.”

Watch below.