Seth Meyers Breaks Out Impression Of ‘Goober’ Kevin McCarthy

The House Republican leader sounded "like a substitute teacher complaining to the principal" following his hourslong "tantrum" on the House floor.

Seth Meyers on Monday reflected on House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s (R-Calif.) hourslong “tantrum” on the House floor against the Democrats’ landmark Build Back Better legislation.

“McCarthy has the amped-up energy of a fifth-grader telling you about a classmate: ‘I have a friend and his name is Timmy and he went to the zoo and met a donkey and the donkey took a big poop and it was so funny,’” said Meyers, jumping into character as the top House Republican.

After McCarthy complained during a weekend interview on Fox News about the heckling he received from Democrats during his diatribe, Meyers said “goober” McCarthy sounded like “a substitute teacher complaining to the principal that his high school class won’t stop chucking things at him.”

Watch the video here: