Seth Meyers Jokes Trump Has More Contact With Russia Than Melania

The first lady has appeared to dodge her husband's attempts at hand-holding.

Jimmy Fallon seems to have little interest in ridiculing President Donald Trump, a tendency that recently cost him the No. 1 spot in late-night ratings. Fallon’s NBC colleague Seth Meyers, however, continues to establish himself as a distinctly political comedian on “Late Night.”

And he’s great in that role.

Early Wednesday, the host addressed viral videos showing Melania Trump yet again snubbing her husband as he attempted to hold her hand: 

Tying the clips to the testimony of former CIA Director John Brennan, who spoke yesterday during a House Intelligence Committee hearing, Meyers stated: “Former CIA Director John Brennan testified today that there was contact between President Trump’s campaign and Russian officials.”

“However, still no contact between Donald and Melania,” he added.

Meyers then reenacted the snub with a long and exaggerated raise of his hand, while making a funny face. Pretty simple, but it worked.

The apparent hand-block in question was the second made by Melania this week.