Seth Meyers Gleefully Trashes MyPillow Guy-Donald Trump Relationship

The "Late Night" host devoted several minutes to the outgoing president's troubling trust in "psychotic pillow salesman" Mike Lindell.

Seth Meyers on Monday noted that Donald Trump could have spent his last days as president meeting with a doctor or public health expert to combat the out-of-control coronavirus pandemic.

Or he could meet with MyPillow Guy Mike Lindell.

“The Late Night” host facetiously said he was reminded that there were voters ― “not many but some” ― who were torn between Trump and President-elect Joe Biden in the election.

Mused Meyers: “Hmmm, guy with a five-point plan to build the infrastructure for mass vaccination during a deadly pandemic, or a guy whose best friend is obviously a psychotic pillow salesman ― it’s a coin flip!”

Lindell, a prominent Republican donor and conspiracy theorist who was slapped with a cease-and-desist letter after repeatedly airing baseless claims about voting machine fraud, has continually buzzed in Trump’s ear.

But in a visit on Friday to the White House, where the bedding company CEO was reportedly shuffled from one office to another toting notes that included the suggestion of “martial law,” the pillow-peddling “notorious MPG,” as Meyers called him, may have finally worn out his welcome.

Watch Meyers’ extended takedown above, beginning at 2:20.

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