'Oof!': Seth Meyers Flinches At Reporter's Awkward Question For Mitch McConnell

The reporter made a very valid query about the Senate minority leader's endorsement of Donald Trump.

Seth Meyers flinched at a hard truth Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell was forced to address after endorsing Donald Trump.

“Mitch McConnell yesterday endorsed former President Trump and then got some very fair questions,” Meyers said on “Late Night” Thursday.

He aired a clip of a reporter’s question for the Republican leader following Wednesday’s announcement.

“How do you reconcile your Trump endorsement with the fact that you called him practically and morally responsible for Jan. 6, and the fact that he insulted you and your wife?” the reporter asked.

“Oof!” Meyers reacted on “Late Night” Thursday. “This is the first time McConnell just pretended to freeze. ‘Oh, sorry, I can’t answer questions, it’s uh, happening again.’”

McConnell answered by pointing to his February 2021 vow to support the eventual GOP nominee for president even if it was Trump.

Trump and McConnell have reportedly not spoken in years. Trump has called the Senate Republican a “stone cold loser” and “dumb son of a bitch,” and leveled racist attacks against his wife Elaine Chao.

Watch Meyers’ roast below.

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