Seth Meyers Says It's Good Fallon Gives Trump 'Less Of An Ass-Kicking'

All's fair in love and late-night war.

Seth Meyers consistently pulls an Oscar Mayer on his “Late Night” show by pointing out how Donald Trump is a weenie. Jimmy Fallon does not, or rather, some say he didn’t when it counted.

Anyone watching “The Tonight Show” now will notice that Fallon goes at Trump about as hard as everyone else. Despite that, it still hasn’t seemed to cancel out “The Tonight Show” host’s infamous “hair tousling moment.”  

The night Fallon rubbed Trump’s head and gave him what many called a “softball interview” constantly gets brought up. It’s even seen as a reason Stephen Colbert’s “Late Show” pulled ahead in the ratings

In an interview with Meyers, Uproxx again brought up the moment and asked about the supposed rivalry between “Late Night” and “The Tonight Show,” saying, “It seems like a common thread is praising you by criticizing Jimmy Fallon.”

Meyers responded, “The only thing I’ll say is there are a lot of people that I feel are doing shows similar to the kind of show we’re doing right now. And I think it’s great that there is a diversity in the way that people approach late-night comedy.” The comedian says Fallon has different skills, and if he and Fallon did the same type of show, it “would just be in general bad for TV and bad for audiences.”

The “Late Night” host says he doesn’t give Trump voters any reason to watch his show, and it is important to have programs where people can see Trump “take less of an ass-kicking than they have to if they tune in to watch ours.”

As far as late-night shows constantly being put against each other by the media, Meyers said, “It’s weird to me.”

The comedian called it “unfortunate,” adding, “I do think the people who do shows like this have an appreciation for how hard they are and we all therefore have an appreciation for the work each other is doing.” 


H/T Uproxx 



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