Seth Meyers Shreds President Trump Over His Hurricane Preparations And Response

"We have a president who is not only dangerously incompetent but proud of his incompetence."

“Late Night” host Seth Meyers Wednesday night said he was concerned about what might happen with Hurricane Florence approaching because of President Donald Trump’s assessment of his response to the hurricane damage in Puerto Rico last year. 

“As President Trump brags about his handling of the hurricane in Puerto Rico,” Meyers said, “it’s becoming clearer than ever that there are no adults around Trump to control his worst impulses.”

Meyers mocked Trump’s description of Hurricane Florence as “tremendously big and tremendously wet.”

“With a massive hurricane bearing down on millions of people, it’s as important as ever to have a competent government,” the “Late Night” host said. “And yet we have a president who is not only dangerously incompetent but proud of his incompetence. Yesterday, for example, he called his response to the hurricane in Puerto Rico an ‘unsung success’ and today doubled down on that.”

“First of all,” Meyers said, “Puerto Rico is not an inaccessible island. They have a Ritz Carlton and JetBlue has a flight there every half hour. You’re talking about it like it’s Skull Island. ‘It’s impossible to help them because their electrical grid is constantly being torn up by Kong.’”

He added: “Seriously, you’re calling a humanitarian disaster that left thousands of American citizens dead an ‘unappreciated success’ while attacking the people who actually tried to do something about it.

“Not only is our president a callous, incompetent moron, he’s also an ass.”

Check out the video above.