Seth Meyers Dissects Donald Trump's Support Of Private Prisons

"Remember his campaign slogans were ‘build a wall’ and ‘lock her up.'"

Seth Meyers broke down just why President Donald Trump supports the expansion of private prisons on Tuesday’s broadcast of “Late Night.”

Former President Barack Obama’s Justice Department began phasing out the use of private prisons last summer after a study found they posed higher security risks and were less cost-effective, said Meyers.

But Trump reversed that decision, and those who are investing in the private prison industry now stand to make massive gains under his controversial immigration orders.

Meyers revealed that for-profit contract prison firms, such as GEO Group, had pumped “big money” into pro-Trump groups during the 2016 election campaign and inauguration. Coincidentally, GEO Group has since won a $110 million government contract to build a federal immigrant detention center in Texas.

“If you’re surprised that a private prison company donated to his inauguration, remember his campaign slogans were ‘build a wall’ and ‘lock her up,’” Meyers said. “That’s a recipe for building a prison.”

Check out the full segment above.

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