Seth Meyers Warns Joe Biden Against Falling Into Same GOP Trap He Did As VP

"They’ve been pulling this same scam for years,” cautioned the "Late Night" host.

Seth Meyers on Monday cautioned President Joe Biden about seeking bipartisan coronavirus relief measures, warning that the new president could be falling for the “same scam” that Republicans have been pulling “for years.”

The host of NBC’s “Late Night” noted Biden was already “indulging Republicans in what seems to be a futile and preposterous exercise” with his invitation of GOP senators to the White House for talks. Some Republicans, meanwhile, criticized the Biden administration for not caving to their requests.

“Republicans, what more do you want than that? Just the fact that he’s willing to sit down and listen to you at all is more than you deserve,” said Meyers.

“Nothing they say about compromise and bipartisanship should be taken seriously. They’ve been pulling this same scam for years,” the comedian continued. “You know how I know? Because Democrats have fallen for this trap many times before, including a certain vice president in 2012.”

Meyers cut to footage of then-Vice President Biden predicting nine years ago that the GOP “fever” would break following the reelection of former President Barack Obama.

“Not only did the fever not break, it got worse,” the late night host recalled. “Republicans aren’t going to suddenly become reasonable. It didn’t happen in 2012, it’s not going to happen now.”

Watch Meyers’ full monologue here: