Seth Meyers Names The 1 Reality TV Show He'd Be OK With Seeing Rudy Giuliani On

Trump's former personal attorney was unmasked on "The Masked Singer," much to the "Late Night" host's horror.

Rudy Giuliani popping out of a jack-in-the-box to sing “Bad to the Bone” in a clown-themed bird suit? It’s a big no for Seth Meyers.

The former New York City mayor was unmasked on Fox’s “The Masked Singer” Wednesday night, sparking backlash against the competition show.

“Honestly, the idea that any TV show would help rehabilitate a key figure in an attempted coup for entertainment purposes is so disgusting and shocking,” Meyers said Thursday on “Late Night.” “The only reality show I would have been okay with Rudy being on his ‘Love is Blind,’ just to see just as he if he accidentally ends up marrying his cousin again.”

Giuliani is under federal investigation for his business dealings in Ukraine, has had his law license suspended in New York after leading former President Donald Trump’s charge to overturn the 2020 election in the courts, and faces multiple defamation lawsuits from election systems companies seeking billions in damages over his disinformation campaign about electoral fraud.

Giuliani was married to his first wife, Regina Peruggi, for 14 years. The marriage was annulled when he discovered she was his second cousin.

Watch Meyers’ roast on “Late Night” below:

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