Seth Meyers Offers Sad Reminder For Liberals On New Supreme Court Pick

The "Late Night" host had an "appropriate" celebration for replacing retiring Justice Stephen Breyer.

Seth Meyers on Thursday said it was rare “good news” that President Joe Biden and Democrats will get a chance to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, one of the court’s three liberal members. (Watch the video below.)

But the “Late Night” host wasn’t jumping for joy. He gave a deflating reality check on the development and staged a sarcastic celebration:

“That’s right, everyone — liberals get to maintain a 3-6 minority. Whew! Round of tap waters for everyone!”

He ordered cue card guy Wally to break out an “appropriate amount of balloons.” Wally held up one. Then Meyers dropped a single piece of confetti.

The comedian said he also called DJ Khaled to borrow his air horn. Hear the result:

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