Seth Meyers Mocks Sean Hannity's Latest Biden Obsession In Hilarious Supercut

The "Late Night" host suspects the Biden campaign is thanking the Fox News host for the "kick-ass new nickname."

Seth Meyers says President Joe Biden nailed his State of the Union address, judging by “how much Republicans have been in hysterics over it.”

Fox NewsSean Hannity was “obsessed with one phrase in particular” when describing Biden’s spirited performance, the “Late Night” host noted Monday.

Meyers proceeded to show a montage of Hannity repeatedly calling the president “Jacked-Up Joe,” a departure from his usual “Sleepy Joe” refrain.

The comedian suspected Biden’s campaign might not be too fazed by the moniker.

“When the Biden team heard Hannity say the words ‘Jacked-Up Joe’ that many times, I bet they said ‘Thank you for that kick-ass new nickname,’” Meyers quipped.

Watch below on “Late Night.”

“Late Night” wasn’t the only talk show to poke fun at the new Biden epithet and Fox News’ line of attack. “The Daily Show” put together its own supercut, with the caption: “Not sure Fox News realizes they’re making Biden ads now.”

Watch below.

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