Sean Hannity's Rage-Tweets At Seth Meyers Get Award-Worthy Zinger In Response

The "Late Night" host joked about making a "BIG MISTAKE" after the Fox News personality said he wasn't funny.

Fox NewsSean Hannity got all riled up on Friday after comedian Seth Meyers called out the prime-time personality’s double standards when it comes to President Joe Biden and ex-President Donald Trump.

“Your show sucks and you are not funny,” Hannity rage-tweeted at Meyers, the host of NBC’s “Late Night.”

Hannity, a supporter of Trump, unironically accused Meyers of being “locked into partisan politics of which you know nothing” and said it was “just a matter of time before your boring shit show is cancelled.”

In a second post, Hannity asked:

Meyers fired back with a single line:

It’s not the first time Meyers has irked the Fox News personality.

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